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The Ring Master Seating System

INTRODUCING! The Yeary Controls "RingMaster" TM Seating Technology which cures what is considered by many to be the "Achilles Heel" in trunnion ball valves... ie., the fouling of the space behind the seat rings because of the build-up of scale and debris which then impedes the ability of the process fluid to energize the seat rings to effect a seal against the ball.

How It Works

The RingMaster TM seating system uses clean sealants and gasses from outside the process pipe to power the valve's seat rings, thereby, eliminating the problems that are caused by dirty piping fluids that foul-up the space behind the seat rings in ordinary trunnion ball valves. By simply maintaining the pressure of the clean, "seat energizing fluid" at a higher pressure than the pressure of the process fluid in the pipe, the ingress of scale and debris into the space behind the seat is prevented.

Where To Use the RingMaster TM

When combined with our proven QuadroSphere Ball Valve technology, which self-cleans its seat suxfaces and flushes out the body cavity during each operation, the RingMaster TM Seating System will provide exceptional performance in many applications that now cause ordinary ball valve to fail: such as in liquid and vapor services that cause scale build-up, and fluids that contain entrained minerals and solid materials such as sand and debris.

Designed, Built and Tested

As of this writing, we have produced and tested 6" and 12"-300 ANSI sizes; and are now offering RingMaster TM Seated QuadroSphere TM Ball Valves in 150 ANSI, and 300 ANSI sizes from 6" to 24". NOTE: We are now developing and testing the RingMaster TM Seating System for 600 ANSI, and 900ANSI QuadroSphere TM Valves.

Contact Us with Your Problem Application, today!

We believe the RingMaster TM is going to solve many performance problems for the Oil & Gas, Steel, Mining, Chemical , industries.

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