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SharktoothTM Control Valve Patented

SharktoothTM Control Cartridge


The Sharktooth TM Control Cartridge is one of our most exciting, and established, products. It is used to convert standard butterfly valves into excellent control valves with control characteristics equal to segmented ball valves or globe valves. Sharktooth TM Control Cartridges can be adapted to fit any butterfly valve, including rubber seated, high performance, and triple offset types to provide an equal percentage flow characteristic, plus noise and cavitation reductions. not readily available in conventional rotary, and globe style control valves.

How To Get A Quotation

To get started, please download our Sizing Data Form  to send us as much information as you can about your application and  we will then, use our proprietary Sharktooth Sizing Program, to create a Sizing and Specification Data Sheet, that will be the basis for our quotation to you.  Whether it is a budgetary estimate, or an active project, we will be pleased to assist you. 


NOTE: For steam and gas velocities over 250 ft/sec, or cavitating liquid applications that exceed OSHA limits, we can offer custom engineered resistance plates, or our proprietary Varying Area Diffuser (VAD).

This video shows a Sharktooth Valve as it opens and illustrates how the butterfly valve's disc edge cooperates with the Sharktooth cartridge to provide an equal percentage flow characteristic while generating smaller sized, high frequency multiple flow jets that impinge upon one another in the center of the downstream pipe, in turn reducing noise and the effects of cavitation. 

This video shows a 12" Sharktooth Control Valve free-discharging to demonstrate its full range of control. Note how the flow jets impinge upon each other, which is what happens inside the pipe as a Sharktooth throttles. Notice how the slots in the Sharktooth Control Cartridge are generating multiple small vapor clouds. These smaller clouds will, thereby, collapse in a shorter distance from the valve than the much larger vapor clouds that are produced by a typical butterfly valve.

3" to 48" butterfly control valves

  • high performance

  • triple offset

  • rubber seated

  • metal seated


  • rangeability up to  100:1

  • noise attenuation

  • cavitation attenuation

  • tight shut-off

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