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Yeary Controls has a wide range of products to suit your flow control needs. Besides our standard products, our R&D team has developed several ground breaking products that have the potential to change the way certain processes are handled.


We are very fortunate to have Dr. Hans D. Baumann, who is widely considered one of the foremost experts in control valve design and engineering, as a consultant to our company. His resume represents an unparalleled body of work specializing in control valve development and tactical business evolution. Yeary Controls is proud to have Dr. Baumann serve as our primary technology consultant in the design, development and implementation of our valve technologies.



 Proprietary Products

Products Anchor

When the standard disc in a rubber seated  butterfly valve is replaced with our SharkFin the valve's control abilities will  rival most control valves on the market today. This gives us a product that has a price, lifespan, repair, and parts of a rubber lined butterfly valve, but the control of a rotary or globe valve.


The Yeary Controls Multi-Port Resistance Plate  is an application engineered control element that generates back pressure on a control valve, and thereby attenuates noise as-well-as significantly reducing the effects of cavitation and noise. When installed directly downstream from the control valve. minimal modifications to the pipeline are required and the diffuser plate can greatly increase the life span of a valve,while still providing the desired control.


The Yeary Controls proprietary Sharktooth Control Cartridges, when attached to the downstream side of butterfly valves, turns them into excellent control valves. This creates an equal percentage characteristic across the entire range of opening, along with noise attenuation and cavitation abatement benefits. 

Variable Area Diffuser TM

A Yeary Controls, Variable Area Diffuser (VAD) offers a new approach to controlling flow, attenuating noise, and dealing with cavitation. By taking up to 85% of the systems pressure drop through the VAD, wear and tear on the throttling valve is significantly reduced to allow for simpler, less expensive and more readily available valve to be used in severe control applications.

Yeary Controls offers a triple offset butterfly valve to provide customers with an option among all the valves out there on the market. Our TOV has been rigorously tested and meets the most stringent requirements of tightness, fire proofing, and stem sealing. 

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