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Meeting your flow control needs

Yeary Controls will provide a solution for even your toughest applications.

Yeary Controls is committed to  helping you find the best flow control solutions. To this end, we frequently consult with Dr. Hans Baumann, one of the most renowned control valve experts in the world. 



All of us at Yeary Controls will do our best to be the "one stop shop"  for your flow control needs by applying our sizing tools, technical resources and experience. We will determine which of our products can best meet or exceed each application in such a way as to provide both preformance and value. As part of this process we will address any cavitation or noise issues to improve the overall performance and longevity of your flow control products. Our state-of-the-art sizing programs take into account all of the current ISA standards and sizing practices, such as cavitation coeffiecients, valve type specific factors, and flow passage velocities; all of which have been dervied from flow lab testing done at Utah State University on our different products.

Our innovative valve technologies are being used in a broad spectrum of applications and industries, including oil & gas production, transportation, pipelines, tankage, power, mining, paper & pulp, marine, geothermal power, etc. If it flows through a pipe, the chances are good that we will have a valve for it.

6"-2500 ASME Dbl Block & Bleed- Hydrogen Gas Service

  36"-150 ASME Zwick Sharktooth Control Valve

Application Engineering

We are here to assist you with your flow control needs from simple on-off valves to severe service control valves and devices. Please feel free to call us, we'd love to hear from you.


Tel: 312-335-1012


12"-300 ASME Sharktooth Control Valve+Diffuser Plate- Brine Injection

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