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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

The Yeary Controls Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, or TOV, is the latest addition to our family. This metal seated butterfly valve can handle high temperatures and pressures, whilst allowing zero leakage. This means the valve can be installed in essentially any environment* to control on/off flow. Triple offset technology is the core of this ability, the disc seal ring is 316 Stainless Steel with Graphite while the body seat is overlaid in Stellite. This provides excellent wear resistance as well as API 598 bubble tight shutoff. Yeary Controls stocks sizes 3" - 16" in both 150RF and 300RF lugged styles. Certified ASME B16.34 and ISO-15848-1 this valve performs in a variety of conditions, from cryogenic to 800F. For more information see the downloads page or contact us.


When the requirement is for a control valve, simply attaching Yeary Controls Sharktooth Control Cartridge allows the end user a drop-in solution for a full fledged control valve, at over half of the cost. Our packages can be customized to fit specific requirements for space or weight limitations.

*Note: Contact Yeary & Associates, Inc for confirmation of process conditions compatibility.

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