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SharkFin TM Control Disk

The SharkFin control disk is a game-changer for the butterfly valve industry.It uses the "Z-Disc" technology that was invented by Dr. H. D. Baumann for Lilly Engineering, Inc. When installed in a resilient seated butterfly valve, the "Z-Disc" produces an equal percentage flow characteristic  that is the equal to that of most control valves, opening up a variety of options for the end user. Rather than using much more expensive segmented ball control valves or globe valves, let our more compact, and inexpensive SharkFin control your flow.



Why use a SharkFin ?

Exceptional Rangeability


Unlike ordinary butterfly valves that provide poor control at openings less tha 25 degrees of disc travel, the SharkFin 's equal percentage characteristic, is ideal for 80-90% of all control valve applications. Its exceptionally low seating and un-seating torques, allow for a range of control that is un-equaled in other resilient butterfly valves.


Easy Replacement of Installed Butterfly Valves

Because the "platform" for our SharkFin product line utilizes readily available common butterfly valves, the SharkFin disc and stem can be simply "droped-in" to upgrade under-performing ordinary butterfly valves that are being used to control flow.




  Available in Sanitary Configurations!   


"Does the job of far more expensive globe and V-ball style valves."
"Can carry nearly two and a half times more media than globe valves."


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