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RingMaster TM


What it is & How It Works


The RingMaster TM Seating System uses clean sealants, fluids, and gasses from outside the pipe to power the QuadroSphere's seat rings. This eliminates the problems that are caused when dirty pipeline fluids get into the critical grooves, cavities and spring pocket areas that are needed to energize the seat rings in trunnion style  ball valves.


Background of the RingMaster TM


Dirty, scaling fluids commonly foul-up valves of all types in industrial applications. such as in the refining, oil & gas production, geothermal power, chemical, pipeline, and mining industries.


The main weakness in most valves, and in ball valves in particular, is that their seat designs do not keep particles and scale deposits out of the valve’s seat ring crevices, grooves, and cavities. This is particularly the case with trunnion style ball valves.


The seat rings in a ball valve must be able to move axially to allow the line pressure to urge the seat onto the ball. Therefore, when the seat ring pocket is blocked by scale and debris, it cannot travel back and forth within the body end flange and cannot properly engage the ball seating surface. When this happens the valve cannot shut-off or the operating torques become excessive to the point of preventing the operation of the valve with resultant damage to the valve’s seats and its ball surface.



RingMaster TM Ball Valve Sealing System


The RingMaster is now part of the ValMatic Family. Please click the button below for more information on the RingMaster.

Finally, A Double Block & Bleed Trunnion Ball Valve that can Handle Dirt, Sand, Scale & wax build-up. By using clean gasses, liquids and greases to energize its seats the seats are isolated from service media
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