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Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp.


Today's QuadroSphere® valves are manufactured and sold under a global license agreement with Val-Matic Valve  & Manufacturing Corp., Elmhurst, IL USA.




The first QuadroSphere ® valve was invented in 1994 to handle hot dirty fluids in the geothermal power industry. Subsequent field tests including applications outside of the geothermal industry, proved that the QuadroSphere TM technology gave superior performance in handling fluids containing sand, dirt, grit, waxes and scale.


In 2001 the QuadroSphere ® ball valve product line was launched. Then, in 2005, as a result of the valve's early successes, Newmans Valve, licensed the QuadroSphere ® technology, from Yeary & Associates, Inc., and sold it under their Newco brand name. From 2005 until November 2013, our  installed base of QuadroSphere® valves grew to over 6,000 valves, in 1-1/2" to 20" sizes, and in 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 ANSI pressure classes. Most of these

installations were in services where other types of valves had failed.


Then, in November 2013, as a result of Cameron Valve's acquisition of Newmans Valve, our manufacturing and sales agreement with Newmans was terminated, and the global rights to the QuadroSphere ® were acquired by Val-Matic Valve Corporation, Elmhurst, IL USA.




Since its inception the QuadroSphere ® ball valve has proven to be a real problem solver. Unlike conventional ball valves that rely on a true ball with a highly polished surface, the unique QuadroSphere ® ball, has up to 70% less seat-to-ball contact. Its two sets of parallel raised spherical lips protect the seat ring seals when the valve is in either in its closed, or open position.  In addition, the recessed surfaces and truncated sides of the QS  ball create lip edges that clean the seating surfaces and, then allow for the inner body chamber to be flushed of debris each time the valve is operated.





QuadroSphere® ... a Proven performer in tough services where other valves have failed.
QuadroSphere®  is the ball valve solution for gases, and fluids with sand and entrained solids, scale build-ups, even low temperature steam, resins, and light slurries.
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